Friday, November 10, 2006

"Imaginationation Station" :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can I Play Now?

Can I play now?
I did everything you said,
I did the dishes, washed the car,
I even made my bed!

I cleaned my room,
I used the broom,
I vacuumed everywhere,
I separated darks from whites,
Even bras from underwear!

My legs grow weak and tired,
My feet have started to melt,
I feel as if I am getting lashed
By a heavy metal belt

I took out all the garbage,
I cleaned out all the trash,
I worked, and worked, and worked until
I though I would crash!

Can I play now?
I did everything you said!
If this were just a nightmare,
I would have wet my bed.

-and again, this poem is by me! (they probably all will be, unless it is one of my favorite poems)
this poem was written in 2004-2005 when i was i 5th grade

1st entry!!! Woooo!

Dont worry, Im not depressed, it was just a sad time.

No one seems to notice me,
No one seems to care.
They always tell my secrets,
even if they sware.
My broken heart is suffering,
I fear I have no soul
I feel as I've been burnt to death,
Like a lonely little coal.
Every day has rained on me,
Nothing seems to shine.
I try to make each day pass quickly
Though it seems I'm tangled in a vine.
My life is full of sadness,
My life is full of sorrow,
Sometimes i just wish to see
what would happen to me tomorrow.
So please come into my life,
and see what on the inside.
Instead of flying crooked,
You could hold me, and I could glide.
I always feel so empty,
while you are full and proud,
Although the world is peaceful,
it always seems so terribly loud.

-Me! This poem was written i 2004, when i was in 4th grade
Don't worry! I'm happy now!

hey, everybody!

Hey, everybody! i made this blog for everybody to be able to read my work.
every time i write a story or poem, or just feel like taking pics, ill put them on here. have fun reading! MUAH!